stellarcmap Documentation#

stellarcmap provides a quick and easy way to make colormaps that correspond to true stellar colors. Below is an example for producing a plot showing some entries in the TESS Input Catalog, where the color for each point is determined from the Gaia BP-RP color.

# First we'll use astroquery to get a small catalog of stellar properties:
from astroquery.vizier import Vizier

v = Vizier(
    columns="BPmag RPmag Dist Teff".split(),
tic = v.query_constraints("IV/38/tic")[0]

color = tic['BPmag'] - tic['RPmag']

# This is the bit specific to stellarcmap, which generates the kwargs
# that you supply to the `plt.scatter` function:
from stellarcmap import gaia_bp_rp
kwargs = gaia_bp_rp()

# Now let's make the plot:
fig, ax = plt.subplots(figsize=(5, 4))
c = ax.scatter(tic['Teff'], tic['RPmag'], c=color, edgecolor='k', **kwargs)
plt.colorbar(c, label='BP-RP', extend='both')
    xlabel='$T_{\\rm eff}$',

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